Open Mind

On my way to office, bustling streets of my home city in Bangalore, my auto driver stopped at a traffic signal. A homosexual person dressed in a crisply pressed Kurta with light blue floral prints, a chiffon white dupatta and neatly applied winged eyeliner, I immediately admired her as she approached me. She asked for money and my quick response was a no because I support employment.

I took a step back and realized, in my home country it is a snowball’s chance in hell for homosexual people to seek employment. I took a 20 Rupee note and handed it over and complimented her attire. She blushed and complimented me back and wished me luck by giving a One Rupee Coin saying its my ‘Lucky Coin’

The traffic signal turned green and I left. Unknowingly I had tears in my eyes and with retrospection, I realized I had them because a decade back when such folks approached me, I would look down upon them , but today I was empathetic and I’m not sure if I did the right thing by giving her money, but I was a centum sure that my mindset had changed and I saw another human being who is an #equal.

As I reached office, I told myself that I am going to share this story on Medium. Maybe I will change my opinion in a decade to come, but I’m sure it will only be better :)



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Triveni Balawat

Operations enthusiast. Virtuous. Unbiased feminist. Empathy and common sense might make this world a better place.